Why you should go for Australia Permanent Residency!

A continuous growing economy, Australia is top of the mind of every person looking to settle abroad. Getting a Permanent Residence Status of Australia is quite an achievement in itself. Higher standard of living, multi-culture food and people, top universities for students are some basic amenities that the land of kangaroos provides.

Let us take a look closer as to why it is fascinating to get Australia PR:

Health care welfares

Australia provides health care services at a subsidised rate to its permanent residents. Providing medical aids is one of the best facility a government can provide and this makes Australia really desirable for immigration and permanent settlement.

Australian born children benefits

If your child is born after your immigration to Australia, then he/she will automatically get the status of permanent resident. Such child is eligible to claim all the rights that a permanent residency visa holder has.

Right to apply for Citizenship

A permanent resident in Australia, after spending 5 years in the country becomes eligible to apply for the Citizenship. Acquiring Citizenship for a country like Australia is like a dream which can only be realised through a pathway of Permanent Residency Visa.
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Sponsoring a relative

After getting you PR visa, you are eligible to sponsor your relatives/family to Australia. The rules are simplified for PR visa holders to do so that they can live and work in Australia comfortably with their family and relatives.

Educational amenities

Australia is known for catering few of the world class universities when it comes to education. The education system in Australia is much disciplined for students which makes it really in demand. Students from all across the world are preferring to study in Australia.

Free movement anywhere in New Zealand

One of the surprising service that Australia PR visa provides is free movement anywhere in New Zealand. You can travel to and fro from New Zealand anytime, anywhere if you are holding an Australian PR visa.

How to get a PR visa?

Every year, Australia welcomes number of skilled workers from across the globe to meet the labour shortages in different economic sectors of the country. If you want to experience the above mentioned ocean of benefits of Australia PR, then this is the right time to take an action!

Get started with your immigration process by filing out our Australia free assessment form and know your eligibility. For more information, you can contact our immigration experts at our toll free number 18001201602

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