The Reasons Indian prefer Australia as the Best Country to Immigrate

Australia is one of the preferred immigration destination for the overseas with plenty of job opportunities. The country opens it’s doors mostly for the skilled overseas workers who want to build their career in Australia. With it strongest economic growth, high standard of living, high wages, and cultural diversity brings many applicants set Australia as their goal destination. The shortage of skilled workers in Australia with the economic growth give chance to many young and talented to come, work and settle down in Australia. Let’s have a look at visa categories and the process of immigration to Australia.

1. Permanent Resident Visa
2. Australia Tourist Visa
3. Australia Business Visa
4. Family Sponsor Visa

What are the benefits of Australia Immigration?

Australia is counted as one of the advanced countries, if anyone is planning to settle down in Australia, he/she will get many benefits to living in Australia as on permanent bases.

Few Key Benefits of Australia Immigration are
1. The shortage of employees provides good opportunities for the workers to build their career in Australia.
2. The Skilled Immigration visa categories including visa 189, 1901 489 and other allows the applicants to live and work permanently in Australia.
3.Australia is one of the best countries to raise family social security with additional services of free medical facilities.
4. With the strongest economic growth and democratic policies, Australia is the first choice of the business investors to set up their business in Australia.
5. The top level of education makes Australia the best place for students to get the education.
6. The point-based immigration policy with flexible and fast visa processing system makes Australia a perfect county to apply for permanent residency.

Know the points required for Australia immigration

Eligibility Criteria for Australia Immigration
1. Applicant age must be less than 50 years.
2. Good Score in IELTS.
3. Positive skill assessment from an authorized immigration body.
4.Get sponsorship or invitation by the nominated state, for visa 190 and 489
5. Choose the occupation that matches your profile from skilled occupation list
6. Submit Expression of Interest
7. Carry a good health and character certificate.
8. Score minimum of 60 points on point system.

Check your Australia Immigration Eligibility

The PR Processing time for Austalia Immigration

For Australia PR visa the time processing may vary depends on the type of category of visa you choose. Mostly the visa processing time takes 8 to 9 months but according to your profile, it can also increase up to 1 year or more.

The Australia Immigration from India
The immigration process for Australia PR depends on point system, that is to score the minimum of 60 points that depends on your age, experience, qualification and work experience. Know more about Australia Point System
With the huge number of opportunities for skilled workers and the strongest economy, mostly the Indias are immigrating to Australia. not only for the skilled workers but for the tourist visa also Australia is considered the best with the humid climate and many tourist visit places. If you are planning your way to Australia, Aptech Global help you in and every step of Australia Immigration. The expert consultants assess your profile details and demographics and subsequently advice you in filling your Visa application at earliest. Get your free counseling today!!

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