Steps to Get Visa For Permanent Residency in Australia

Australia comes up with a lot of opportunities for skilled India to work and settle down permanently in Australia. Moving and living in Australia is the best decision for the upliftment of your career if you are highly educated and skilled.
Some of the things you should know are:

1. Check for the DIBP for the list of occupations that suits your profile and for which can apply for. Also if you are not skilled and want to migrate Australia without the job offer, there are other options available too.

2. After selecting your occupation, you are subjected to the actual cost of your Visa and Visa processing time.

3. Australia Immigration process works on the point system, check you compile with the minimum of 60 points, the best is to score well in English and try to get 70 points to reduce the Visa Processing Time. You can check your points from Australia Immigration Point Calculator

4. There could be the different state in Australia that list the occupation that suits you. Once you find your specific profession you can research more on it.

Free Australia Assessment Form

6. Prepare for the English Test and give you IELTS exam, meanwhile creat you EOI with all your bio details and expected IELTS scores. Don’t submit you EOI just save it. This is only for shortening your time.

7. After getting the positive assessment and IELTS out, you can edit your EOI and make your proofs ready free from all errors. Give your EOI one day before submission. The next day you can submit your EOI.

8. After submitting your EOI wait for the nomination process. It depends on your documentation and extimate points you scored. The state authority will view the EOI and decide whether to nominate you for Visa.

9. If you meet all the requirement, the terrority government agency will invite you to apply for the Visa, you can get the nomination at any time within 2 months or it can also take 2 years.

10. After invited by Australia Government you have 60 days time to apply for the Visa.

11. Check are you eligible to migrate to Australia filling Australia Free Assessment Form or Calculate your Points from Australia Point Calculator.

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