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Success Story of John Cena

John Felix Anthony a well known WWE superstar was born on 23rd April 1977 in West Newbury Massachusetts. He was a grand child of baseball player Tony Lupien and Patens. John an Italian father and French Canadian English mother Carol started his sports journey playing football. Later he switched to body building and proved to be a successful superstar in the WWE Championship.

He started ultimate pro wrestling under the guidelines of Dr. of Thuganomics and he comes up with his hidden inner skills to be a great wrestling champion. He took part in WWE Championship match in the year 2002 with his first match against Kurt Angle on 28th of June, where he lost the match but not the hope.

In 2004, Cena started with new beginning where he was noticed by everyone. By defeating Big show and won the United state championship from Big Show. He continues to build huge fan following although soon he lost the title to fellow WWE superstars, Carlito. He was out of the game, as apparently got stabbed in the kidney by Carlito’s bodyguard.

He was under controversies had the feud against the WWE superstars John Bradshaw, Layfield, Manager Eric Bischoff and Chris Jericho, Umaga in the year 2005 to 2006. He also becomes friend with Carlito after winning the championship against Jeff Hardy, Edge, Randy Orton and Johnny Nitro.


In the year 2007 he faces the rap star and Britney Spear ex Kevin Federline that time he lost the match against but the year proves to be great for him as he won against Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga as the first person to win the match against the superstars. In the match of chain Gang soldier also teamed up with Shawn Micheals and defeating the RKO tag team, Randy Orton and Edge was end up with Cena and Micheal winning.

In 2nd October 2007, there was a set back to John Cena wrestling.During the wrestling against Mr. Kennedy, Cena tore his pectoral muscles while executing a hip toss. John’s pectoral major muscle was torn out completely from the bone which makes him lose the WWE Championship title and ended his reign.

In year 2008, Cena made a surprise come back in the participation of Royal Rumble match. He won the match and Wrestle Maina title. Soon in the month of August Cena had suffered a herniated disk in the neck which needs surgery. Cena has come up with successful injuries many times in his wrestling career.

Cena not only comes up with wrestling but also appeared in big screen with the release of movies titled “The Marie” where John was playing the lead role. But the movie received the mixed reviews because of the poor story- lines and discrimination to the US Marines. Still, the fans queued to watch the WWE superstar in the movie.

Cena has also recorded his debut album “You Can See Me” that hit the chart in 2005. In 2015 he acted in comedy Trainwreck show and appreciated for his acting skills.

Talking about the personal life, Cena married Elizabeth Huberdeau in the year 2009. However, there love relationship was no longer set. John filed divorce for Elizabeth in 2012, although it got settled in a year. In wrestling show, John started dating Nikki Bella.

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